The Answers Are Out There…


ATG’s approach to global travel management is rooted in curiosity.

What makes you tick, what works for your company, how can we create a program that is right for you, what experiences do your travelers desire?

Finding the right answers to these questions, creating and executing a plan unique just for you, is what makes us different.

Closer to You


Understanding Your Journey


We spend a lot of time thinking. Thinking about how the systems and integration processes we create will add value to your organization, while bringing tangible benefits to both your travels and your bottom line.

More often than not, that means the introduction of tailored technology solutions for your global travel program. But, unlike our rivals, ATG technology is designed to bring us closer to our clients, not push them away.

That’s just one more thing which sets us apart. Technology that works to empower our clients and travelers.

Because we ask the questions that matter.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

– Albert Einstein

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If you are a traveler who needs assistance, please do not use this email address but instead use the contact information on your itinerary for assistance.



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