Torsten Krings

Entrepreneur. Leader. Father.
Big Game Hunter.

A Force of Nature

As President of ATG, Torsten has over 25 years of experience in the global travel industry, Torsten has worked in all facets of the business. Before relocating to Ohio in 1996, Torsten held various leadership positions in the airline, car rental and travel management industry, also being involved in international sales and account management in Europe.

Business Travel’s Mr Big

Prior to joining ATG, Torsten was engaged with the implementation of European travel management programs for subsidiaries of U.S. based multinational and global companies.

Among those were many Fortune 100 companies, like Dow Chemical, Rockwell International, GE and United Technologies.

International Man of Mystery

After joining ATG, Torsten utilized his past experiences and his knowledge of the U.S. and European corporate markets to create an international sales and account management strategy for the company. His leadership has helped ATG grow into one of the top 10 global travel management companies in the U.S.

Business Leader

Currently, as President of ATG, Torsten is responsible for the collaboration of 80+ all-star travel management companies operating in 80 countries. With half of Torsten’s professional career taking place in Europe, he excels in the international travel industry. His experience allows him to lead ATG to thrive as a global organization with multinational business development and account management initiatives.

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