Taking care
of you.
Taking care
of business.

Having a healthy respect for cultural difference is what makes us successful in global travel management. One size does not fit all. Once you get that, everything becomes better!

And unlike every other TMC, we incentivise our travel consultants not on volume of sales, but on how many waivers and favours they achieve for our clients. That’s just one of the ATG differences.

Culture Matters

If we’ve learned anything through our evolution of success it’s that there are significant, impactful cultural differences across the world; and culture makes a difference. Taking a universal approach simply doesn’t work. What’s right in one country can be wrong in another. Culture matters.

Local Collaboration

Our emphasis on consultative program management and collaborative global service means we understand that what works in the US doesn’t necessarily work in China. That’s why we offer local account management with a dedicated global account team, focused on taking your travel program to the next level through a defined global strategy.

A Consultative Approach

achieving continuous improvement

Hold Us To Account

Right from the start of a prospect relationship, even before client status, we log absolutely everything we do and we say we’ll do on a bespoke Leadership Workboard. This single online place for everything is not only a document repository, it means you can hold us to account with a history log of everything we propose.


  • Powered by Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Customizable secure storage
  • Reporting Dashboards depository 



Hybrid Travel Management


We don’t have Account Managers at ATG; we call them Business Managers (BMs).

A great relationship with our clients is at the heart of what we do and our consultative approach and continuous improvement methodology is what sets us apart.

Consider ATG as your out-of-house travel team; dedicated to provide extensive support and serve as a single point of contact with access to all department within Travel.

We Get The Job Done


We keep track and report on every Critical Deliverable from implementation to account management and beyond.


  • Define Strategic Imperatives
  • Align Strategic Plan to Imperatives
  • Build Business Plan to formalize strategic direction, tasks and goals
  • Stay on schedule using project management  tools and ATG’s Development & Decision Log
  • Track progress through business analytics
  • Deliver on promises using a well-defined SLA


  • Integrated workflows
  • Seamless transitions between processes
  • Frictionless operation
  • Digitized & digitalized routines
  • Genuine focus on people / customers and team members
  • Transparency in all things


  • Collaborative performance
  • Maximization of design
  • Designed for creativity & multi-directional communications (systems & people)
  • Knowledge and understanding of current state
  • Vision for future state
  • Drive convergence of best ideas, solutions, options
  • Continuous Improvement


  • Smart & judicious thinking
  • Multidimensional strategy / no silos
  • Common systems, data & processes
  • Local issues management
  • Focus on results
  • Create a pathway to success
  • Build executable strategies

Intelligent Travel Technology

Our proprietary technology suite is designed with one thing in mind - diminishing traveler friction to make the entire business travel experience a delight.

Success is Traveler Happiness

understanding trip success quotient

The Measure of Success


Working with you, your travelers, procurement, HR and finance, we’ll help to define your business travel program and implement a policy which diminishes traveler friction.

And then we’ll continuously measure our effectiveness to fully understand what’s working and where improvements can be made.

Even if that means finding alternatives to travel all together!

That’s How We Roll

We create exceptional travel experiences everyday for your global employees, that’s also streamlined and reliable on the back-end.

With ATG Global HQ doing all the heavy lifting on business travel accounts, our clients’ local agency offices are freed up to concentrate their efforts on the client.

Combined with smart policy management, this achieves a level of Traveler Happiness like no other.